Disclaimer: This site was made to display the web development skill of Leigh Ann French. Everything is fictional; you can not contact Marmalade's Lunchbox or buy any products.

Marmalade's Lunchbox

About Marmalade's Lunchbox

The founders - James, Janet, and Marnalad

James here from Marmalade's Lunchbox. Let me tell you the story of Marmalade's Lunchbox and how my wife and I created the dog food.

Janet and I rescued our first German Shepard Dog in 2013. Marmalade (pictured with us) earned his name because he LOVED jams and jellies. Marmalade turned out to be allergic to fruits and preservatives/fillers found in jams and kibble.

Like any dog owner that only wants their best friend to be happy and healthy, we began researching and trying dog foods. (Marmalade tried the dog food). A year into our journey we gave up on kibble and store-bought food.

We contacted our Vet and nutritionist to find what Marmalade needed for a balanced diet. Because he was active, we found he needed gains for extra calories.

We started cooking for him (Marmalade sometimes eats better than us). He tested every recipe we made. Most he loved (he’s not a fan of all the vegetables, but who is?).

Our Vet noticed the change in Marmalade. He was happier and healthier. So our Vet asked us about his diet. When we explained the extensive research we did to create his food, our Vet started asking for the recipe and recommended our homemade dog food to the office.

In no time at all, we were getting call after call, email after email requesting we cook for everyone’s dog. Before we knew it, Marmalade’s Lunchbox was born. Marmalade (our first product tester) was thrilled to try new and exciting dinners.

-Co-Founders James and Janet