Disclaimer: This site was made to display the web development skill of Leigh Ann French. Everything is fictional; you can not contact Marmalade's Lunchbox or buy any products.

Marmalade's Lunchbox

Selfie Contest

dog taking a selfie

How to Win

Enter Marmalade's selfie contest when you place your next order. Upon checkout, you just have to submit a selfie with your best friend(s). Or with no purchase necessary by emailing to Marmalade's Lunchbox.

Deadline to enter: May 4, 2022

What You Win

A new winner is picked each month and will receive 10% off their entire order.


This is not a real contest. You cannot buy or win anything or contact Marmalade's Lunchbox.

2022 Winners!


Jame, Ann and Scruffy
Jame, Ann and Scruffy January winners


Matt and Goldie
Matt and Goldie February winners


Steven and Buck
Steve and Buck March winners


Lynn, Jake and Roger
Lynn Jake and Roger April winners


Jason and Ranger
Jason and Ranger May winners


Stay Tuned to find out
Stay toned to find out the winner